Meet The Contestants Of First Real Estate Reality TV Show, Tush My Apartment

The Host of the first ever real estate, housing and interior decoration reality TV show in Africa, Tush My Apartment, ‘Tage with the Wave’ has announced 11 out of the 16 contestants for the show. He paraded the contestants today during the episode 2 of the show.

The show currently showing on TVC Entertainment has participants from all cadres of life many of whom are poor, less privileged, widows or widowers, school drop out, unemployed, pensioners and many more.

Tage said, the show which will connect with viewers emotions is aimed at changing somany lives and bringing smiles to the faces of Nigerians.

He further said the show can compete favourably with any other reality TV shows because of the organisers sincerity of purpose, respect for societal values, norms and moral teachings.

He encouraged all Nigerians to glue to their screen and also call on corporate organisations to support the show.

According to the Voice over artist, he said any brand identified with the show will definitely not regret it. ” This is because this is a show that will change a lots of lives and brings true laughter and happiness to Nigerian households”, he said.

The show which debuts last week Sunday will feature real life pathetic stories of contestants and solutions to their problems. Nevertheless, some contestants will be evicted on weekly basis while the ones with the highest votes will be safed. For this week, two contestants are put up for eviction. Any of the contestants that is safed by viewers will move to the next round of the show.

Tage called on Nigerians to support their favourite contestants.

Below are the pictures and profiles of the contestants.

Contestant Number 1

Name: Emelogu Kingsley
Bio: I am from Abia State, Obingwa LGA. I work as a facility Manager. I am married with a daughter. I tend to be a proactive person and very calm.

I love to Meditate on myself and Honesty and Transparency is my watchword

Contestant Number 2

Name: Mrs Kemi Ogun
Bio: I am a Widow, mother and grandmother. I am not working but retired from teaching as a principal.
Contestant Number 3

Name: Ifeyinwa Nwajagu
Bio: My children and I were thrown out so we were without accommodation for a while before we were able to secure one.
Contestant Number 4

Name: Anifowose Loveth
Bio: I am glad I am part of this show. Tush my apartment is exactly what I need right now because of the apartment I live in currently is congested, not so good for our health because whenever it rains in the night/midnight we don’t get to sleep. We are 7 people living in a room/parlour apartment and it’s not so healthy for us because we don’t even have a good bed. No rug or tiles, in fact the fittings in the apartment is nothing to write about. And we all know health is wealth

The environment alone is not healthy and talking about the apartment, we get to sleep in a crooked way at night.

In summary, we need our apartment to be Tushed for us to have a peaceful life at home and for us to be happy going home.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response.
Contestant Number 5

Name: Fashola Ayoola Afolabi
Bio: I don’t have Money. I sell Firewood. I live in a single room face me I face you. I live with my wife and 4 kids
Contestant Number 6

Name: Ogundele Raphael Damilare
Bio: I am a God fearing person and an introvert. First of 4 in a family of 6.Grow up to be a goal getter and trying to achieve every set goal through determination and hard-work.
Contestant Number 7

Name: Majolagbe Olawale Samuel
Bio: My Story started when I lost my job in 2017. That same month my wife gave birth to a baby boy. Its a good and bad news
Due to financial boost, I took my wife to home base nurse, and my baby had complications and loss of oxygen for 8 hours which caused him cerebral palsy issues till date.

My wife couldn’t go to work anymore and I just indulge in any work but not enough. 2019 December, I lost my 4th child. All these happen within 3 years.

Now I think God is putting smile to my face through Tush My Apartment. I wish I make it to the end.
Contestant Number 8

Name: Okeke Ogochukwu Helen
Bio: I am a girl of 22 years, I dropped out of School due to lack of finance to further my education. Meanwhile I am the last born in a family of 10 including my parents, but none of my siblings visited university except me but I am a drop out.

I came to Lagos to help my sister in her shop for me to safe up some money to go back to school but currently we don’t have a house. We are sleeping in my sister’s shop ever since.

Two contestants are already up for possible eviction. They are Ifeyinwa Nwajagu and Fashola Ayoola Afolabi.
Watch the Episode 2 of the show below…

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