Donald Trump touts voter ID laws as an issue in the 2020 election. Here’s why

WASHINGTON – As President Donald Trump ramps up his reelection for 2020, he is resurfacing an unsubstantiated gripe from 2016: That voter fraud cost him support.

At rallies and on Twitter, the president has renewed calls for voter ID laws, revisited assertions that a large number of people voted fraudulently and signaled that, until those issues are resolved, other pending election measures are going nowhere.

Trump hammered the theme during a New Hampshire rally this week, repeating a  statement – dismissed by his allies and critics alike – that thousands of people fraudulently voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton there. She won the state by fewer than 3,000 votes.

“It’s also time for Democrats to join with us to protect the sacred integrity of our elections by supporting voter ID,” Trump said to robust applause in Manchester. 

Days earlier, Trump wrote in a tweet that no other election security measures pending in Washington should move forward unless voter ID laws are addressed first. Voter ID laws have drawn sharp opposition from Democrats who say that voter fraud is uncommon and that requiring IDs could disenfranchise some voters.  

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“No debate on Election Security should go forward without first agreeing that Voter ID must play a very strong part in any final agreement,” Trump posted on Twitter this week.

Popular vote 

Trump's latest assertions echo those he made in 2017 when he explained his popular vote loss to Clinton by repeatedly suggesting millions of people voted fraudulently for his Democratic opponent. The president never provided evidence for the statement, which drew pushback from Republican and Democratic state election officials.

He raised a similar argument on Thursday as he traveled to New Hampshire. 

"New Hampshire should have been won last time, except we had a lot of people come in at the last moment, which was a rather strange situation," Trump said before the rally. "Thousands and thousands of people coming in from locations unknown."   

Neither Trump nor his aides have backed up that assertion.  

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