POLL: Do You Think Michelle Obama Is a ‘Beautiful, Graceful Woman’?

For the last eight years, democrats are talking regarding Michelle Obama’s beauty and style – Do you assume that Michelle could be a “beautiful, graceful” woman?

As a part of a visit to London in the week to mark the publication of her popular memoir turning into,Michelle Obama visited Elizabeth Garrett Anderson faculty (EGA) in Islington. many hundred teenagers packed the varsity gymnasium wherever Obama talked on stage to a few former students she had met on a previous visit, UN agency square measure currently excelling in their chosen fields from law to science.

There was a lot of affection and excitement within the space.
POLL: Do You Think Michelle Obama Is a ‘Beautiful, Graceful Woman’? POLL: Do You Think Michelle Obama Is a ‘Beautiful, Graceful Woman’? Reviewed by Chimezie Ozofor on October 14, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Sack of ugly muslim shit.

  2. Not at all inside much less outside. The only look she has is the look of entitlement .

  3. Why does it have to be approved. I took the poll now you gonna sensor it. Go figure. the media plays games with who they do not want to be known and a persons thoughts... and of course favoritism for the worst Presidents wife and President we had to endure..

    1. I agree with you Unknown...I'm censored regularly.

  4. Joan Rivers was an insider/ I believe she knew exactly what she was talking about! So no!

  5. No way does she fit any of those descrptions, that is if she is actually a female. Which if one see's her before her makeup is airbrushed on it makes one really wonder because her face is not feminine looking at all.


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