ESUT: SSG Lament, Expresses Disappointment On People Of Ngwo Over Disruption Of Students Picnic

Anthony Chukwuebuka, Enugu Nigeria

As the students week is fast approaching, Faculty Of Management Sciences, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT hosted her 2018/2019 Picnic/Hiking.

The event went down on Friday 9th of August, 2019 at Ngwo Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria.

It was hosted by Byron Snub and Repented

The Aspiring faculty SSG, Anthony Chukwuebuka has called out on the entire people of Ngwo Local Government Area of Enugu State over the disruption of their already planned activities.

According to him, the guidance of the Ngwo Pine Forest and waterfall breached the contract they had before the deal day of the event.

Chukwuebuka alleged that the guidance of the pine Forest requested for additional charges when they arrived the event venue.

In the process of dialoguing, alot of time was wasted and the event activities was shattered.

Here is what Anthony Chukwuebuka wrote:

Thursday we went there and paid them for the place of event then when we came.. he saw many buses that came and was like na 50k extra una go give us.. 
after we beg beg beg dey collected extra 20k plus the one we paid them omo still yet them not gree us Enter cave and waterfall saying we should pay 10k for that again 
I was like paying 10k for water fall ? Shey e no Dey for 28k total we don pay una 
Omo dj bus spoilt while coming there after paying him 20k for the work 
2 big bus charge us 38k 
And 4 normal bus charge 9k x 4 
After all the expenses money to complete the buses transport no Dey again


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