5 Years Old Girl Confirmed Pregnant In Jos (Photo)

Wonders would never seize to end, the teen girl pictured above whose name was not disclosed has been confirmed to be carrying a 2month old pregnancy.

This happened at Manugu LGA area of Plateau State here in Jos. The teen girl was said to be impregnated by a 28year old man said to be her uncle.
5 Years Old Girl Confirmed Pregnant In Jos (Photo) 5 Years Old Girl Confirmed Pregnant In Jos (Photo) Reviewed by Chimezie Ozofor on May 24, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Abomination! Can she deliver safely in Nigeria? But when did five year olds become teens???

  2. My daughter was pregnant when she was eight, she had an abortion of course, but she'd been sexually active since she was about six. It happens, we just need to get used to the fact that things aren't how they were fifty years ago.

    1. What?! I'm sorry I'm not judging but how does a 6 year old become sexually active? Like how would someone that age even know about sex unless they were being molested or raped?

  3. How did you know she was active from 6 year old ? You not try to stop her

  4. When you say active was that fully sexually , was she open about it

  5. Blame schools for pushing sex education on them early , bound to be a few who want to put it into practice

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