Uriel comes after her body shamers again

Uriel has threatened to deal with those who are busy, body shaming her again on Instagram.

The former contestant on season 2 of Big Brother Naija, made this known on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, via her Instagram page after she posted a really sexy leg revealing photo.

“Big fat, Black, cow leg, tree trunk… I saw the comments I love it ..if I use this leg to kick o they go end up in Oguta lake with fishing net,” she wrote.

Well, it looks like Uriel was only joking but aren’t these guys tired of body shaming this gorgeous lady

This is not the first time Uriel will be facing body shaming from people on social media.

As we can all recall back in 2017 when she posted a series of videos on her Instagram page where she spoke about those who are body-shaming her over her boobs.

“I am proud of my body, I am a proud African woman, I am proud of my big saggy boobs, these boobs will feed my children,” Uriel revealed

Uriel who was visibly emotional went on to talk about how she has over the years tried to look good in the eyes of the public.

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