Dss Hold Jos Community To Ransom Over A Girl Who Convert From Islam To Christianity

Detectives of the Department of State Security (DSS), Monday held hostage of the Jos Museum neighborhood in search of the daughter of an influential man in Borno state Miss Nabila Galadima who converted to Christianity and tipped to be living in that area.

The operatives who according to eyewitnesses arrived the area in official vehicles at about 10am, heavily armed, threatened to shoot anyone who dared move or speak during the operation.

Both residents and passersby were forced to lie down hanging their hands up throughout the operation, the eyewitnesses say.

Four residents of the area were eventually picked up, blindfolded and taken to the DSS office in Jos after holding captive of the community, blocking the two main entrances of the museum.

Among those picked were a lady and neighbor of the suspect who was beaten and blindfolded, the prime target of the operatives, Mr. Simput Dafup and two of his staff.

They preceded to the house of Rev Jerry a CAN member where Nabila spent the night and assault is wife and daughter with her 8 months baby before taking them to DSS office.

The woman arrested along with him was later released with the others but Mr. Dafup was reportedly taken to Abuja by the DSS operatives on the directive of the girl’s father, Alhaji Usman Galadima, The Galadiman Biu in Borno state.

According to our source close to the suspect and eyewitness to the event, Mr Simput Dafup is an acquaintance of Alhaji Usman Galadima and a family friend.

Rev Jerry whose wife and daughter were brutalized said Mr. Dafup called him on Sunday before the raid to inform him that Miss Nabila a graduate of Bingham University had called him to say she had fled to Jos having been threatened by her parents over a decision she just made to convert to Christianity.

He (Dafup), the source said was out of town as at the time of the girl’s arrival to Jos and was received by his PA.

“Dafup called on Saturday and told me the girl said she was converting and he did not know the right thing to do. He therefore wanted me to lead her appropriately.

“I asked him to send her to me and I kept her in my house. I asked her series of questions in line with our tradition whenever anyone wants to convert, to be sure she knew what she was doing and if her parents were aware.

“I then called the leadership of the Jama’atu Nasir Islam (JNI) to inform them as we always do. They too call us whenever a Christian wants to convert and we sit down together and have the intending convert make the declaration himself before everyone.

“The JNI representatives requested to call the father to verify before responding but he was not picking up.

“On Monday morning (before the raid) the JNI called me to say they had gotten the father and he told them he was aware of her decision but was opposed to it and had reported that she was kidnapped.”

Rev Jerry said he was out of the state on Monday when the raid was carried out with his family being victimized by the DSS.

“The girl in question when they wanted to pick her told the DSS that even if they were going to kill her, she was not rescinding on her decision to convert but they were still bent on harassing my family.

“The brutalized my wife, daughter and even an 8months old baby was not spared,” he said.

The wife and child who were taken to custody according to him were released before his arrival to Jos on Monday after the raid.

Mr. Dafup was taken to Abuja by the DSS while the three arrested with him released.

As at the time of filing this report, a group of human rights lawyers were preparing a suit against the DSS and the other parties involved in the matter.

Efforts to get the DSS and Nabila’s father, Umar Galadima comment were unsuccessful while the JNI official contacted requested to obtain permission from his superiors before commenting.

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