Full Story How Facebook User, Favour Ifeanyi (Oge) Died, Plus See Her Last Words

- Oge was a jambite
- Oge was an aspiring student of university of jos
- Oge was the only one who died in the accident

Outrage on Facebook after one Favour Ifeanyi popularly known as Oge was announced dead on 2nd September, 2017, friends and well wishers could not hold back their emotions as they paraded social media with shock and emotional condolences.

A close friend to the deceased, Valentina Cyril narrated to JTownConnect Metro, how it all happened, read below:

Before Oge died, we had a chat on WhatsApp in the morning where she told me she would be leaving for Jos in the evening. She was even online till 1:30am. I wished her safe journey.
After the accident, a call came in asking if this was Oge's friend, I said yes, to my greatest shock, I was told my friend is now laying dead in the mortuary that the luxurious bus she boarded had an accident. The caller further narrated that the accident happened around Markudi. That there was a car that got bad and was packed by the road side at night without any sign post indicating that the car had issues. Oge's driver don't know about this, on reaching the vehicle, he saw a Dangote truck coming also, on trying to dodge the truck, Oge jumped down through the window out of fright, on reaching the ground, the bus fell on her and she died instantly. Oge was the only one who died in the car.
Valentina Cyril shared this post plus some screen shot of their last chat before she died:
Till Now Am still Short of Words to Say.....I Can't stop Crying....Oge😢😢😢 Bae This was not What we planned......We Had Goals...big Goals....We Still Had lot To achieve and U just Left me...Where Should i start from Now...Am heartBroken..am shattered...So this was The reason i Was so down last nyt..i couldnt sleep.....if wealth would bring back ya life.. Am willing to trek to d ends of these world to bring u back... Tho we havent known 4 so long but You were like a sis 2 me..You gave me Hope When i was down....You Always Got my Back...i Was looking 4ward to Seeing You wen i Come back....Oge Oge Oge Why did u do this to me....We even Talked Last nyt ..u replied my messages Last nyt...i have been reading.. our Last chats since morning pls Wake Up bae cuz i still dont believe that U r gone like that....N i Still dont believe Am typing R.I.p 2 u😢Rest On  Favour Ifeanyi i Miss u But God Knows Best ...May ur gentle beautiful soul Rest in perfect Peace My Bae.... 
See Oge's last chat with Valentina before she died

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