Where Is ECB Nation? Dead Or Alive - Dat Igbo Girl Diary Writes

Nigerian social writer and content creator, Oluchi Precious Ozofor popularly known as DatIgboGirlDiary throws a heavy question to one of Jos fast growing music group ECB Nation which suddenly vanished in a thin air. Read below:

A quick flash back to the time when ECB (Ex Clusive Beacon) Nation was placed top amongst the many upcoming artistes we have here in Jos, Nigeria.

Tracing back, one can recall how ECB Nation was seen as the darling of the media. They were welcomed by every music industry who could see their worth.

Their music was a major hit. Loved by everyone and it was sang by children, adults and even the old. Yes! They went that far.

One could recall to the moment when ECB Nation was placed in the focus of the "music loving" audience in Jos, Nigeria. Their popularity and fame was all over social media.

To be a friend to one of them was a thing of Joy. Indeed they were loved. They created their Facebook page which at first was not encouraging, but later spreed like wild fire. It's remarkably amazing how they gained the support of the masses and their fans increased daily. Wow!!!

ECB Nation started around 2012/13 or so. They began to get attention after they released these major jams which disturbed the whole city of Jos and beyond. They were behind the release of these remakeble hits; Blessings, Murder Dem, Candy Crush among others.

The above songs listed were then played in clubs, music cencerts, birthday parties etc. Really it was a hit for them.

I could remember them working tirelessly on releasing the video for "Blessings" one of their major hit song.

Fans of ECB Nation were super excited. ECB Nation were heard on radios, they witnessed several interviews, and were the lollipop of their energetic fans.

They caused huge and major traffics on social media. I could also remember them having an Instagram and Twitter page.

We expected much! Yes we did!

Their songs spreed all over Jos, Nigeria and beyond like loose gas. In an instant, they became the darling of the media.

In all this early successes, something was noticed, things weren't the way it used to be. They relaxed and kept shut for a long while.

Questions were asked in regards to their werabout, ranging from (was it because they gained admission into tertiary institution? But they are not the first to be in school. There were those who are in school and still do well in their music career)

The music industry today opreate at a higher frequency, and the general taste of the audience is protean in nature. Like start up companies in a highly competitive industry, young artiste/upcoming music group can not afford to slow down on an early momentum (ofcause, ECB Nation was starting to be known) rather they should build on it when the artiste hides in a high intensity wave.

An upcoming music group with intentions of going far, will not slack the way they did. In one way or the other, they betrayed their fans.

Perhaps when a niche is carved and the voice is distinct and recognisable, taking breaks can prove to be a good strategy. This works for A list artistes like Davido, Tekno, Wizkid, Falz and the likes of them. Why not strive to go at least average before dropping.

Conclusively, it's usually appealing to witness the career of an artiste or music group take flight since many of them have had a grind through years to make it to the mainstream, only to fall off without making a Mark can be greatly disappointing.

The career of these artiste or music group could be reported as "We know this would surely happen some day".

It started with them struggling to connect with their audience through social media platforms and continually failing at musical attempt and they simply take the back seat while only few amongst them are successful with their comebacks, most probably end up in oblivion.

It's now noticed that their official music page, is now turned into a fashion avenue (laughs, display of sales of cloths and models). Oh ECB Nation, what went wrong?

As stated above, they had a Twitter and Instagram page, which has now been abandoned or even when remembered, stuffs about fashion would be the trending topic of the day. Untill when ECB Nation? Untill when??.

I sincerely hope, that the assent career of the great ECB Nation will not go down the drain? But for this to be avoided, they need to get back on their track in making good sauce (music).

In doing this, they would not only be fulfilling their long time dreams, but the wishes of their dearest fans.

Stand up oh ECB Nation!!!

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