“Mumu women everywhere” — Nigerian Lady writes to women (MUST READ)

A Nigerian Lady identified as Blessing Chinny John has written a piece to all women all over the world.. Read Below;
MUMU WOMEN EVERYWHERE!!!I visited a hospital sometime ago and the nurses were holding hands in prayers and releasing curses unto a particular man.
“Daniel, you will never hear the cry of a baby in your house!! You will never have a male child!, you will die in misery! Curse be your means of livelihood, curse be on the air you breathe and the ground you march upon, we release spiritual balistic missiles upon you, we command hell to rise against you”, and all their usual bla bla bla….After the prayer, I enquired to know what offense such man committed for deserving such intense prayers and curses.Daniel’s wife had just died few hours back in that hospital. She gave birth to a female child the first and second time, Daniel was not happy and was threatening to throw her away and get another wife capable of bearing male children.He started maltreating his wife, dating girls in her presence, keeping late nights and sleeping out at will, while his wife kept visiting one pastor to another, praying and fasting for a baby girl and for her husband’s love.Well, she put to bed yet another baby girl the third time and the husband went gaga, demanding she leaves his house with her girls, that his house cannot be turned into a female hostel.Our sister countinued to pray and inviting people to calm the husband to still be patient with her and to give her another opportunity to produce “baby Jesus” for the King’-husband.The forth Labour which was the day I visited the hospital, her BP was high for fear of bringing forth another baby girl. The nurses said she was in sorrow and agony throughout the Labour period not for the Labour pains but for the s*x of the baby.She pushed baby out, and asked for the s*x, as soon as she was told it was a girl, she shouted “my husband will kill me” , and she died.Hmmmmm!! I told the nurses their prayers was a waste. The husband didn’t kill her. She killed herself. How could a fellow human being reject you and four beautiful children, and you too rejected yourself as well and most painfully those defenseless little children. She brought them into the world just to abandon them to misery.I said the prayers should be directed to her to rot in the hottest part of hell. She was a foolish being for dying because of a man and a marriage.She was working and earning money, and even if not, why can’t she leave the beast- man, rent her own house and move in with her children to love and care for her angels?Who says a woman’s life should revolve around a man? Who says a woman cannot have a life outside a man? Why do women rate their lives according to cultural and societal constructs and dictates?I told them that man will marry another woman and would have plenty male children and will prosper and move on with his life. Such people don’t suffer anything, consider reality, look arround and see.It is you the woman who is at lost. You gambled with your life and you lost. No one can mess with your life unless you permitted it. You are solely responsible for what your life becomes. Stop blaming your spouse, it is your foolishness and mumurity. Love yourself and your children……… Children are blessingsGrow up women!

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