Children Don’t Need Ipads, Let Them Use Their Imagination – Mikel Ob i’s Fiancee Olga Advises

Olga, footballer Mikel Obi’s fiancee is sharing some parenting tips this evening.

She took to IG to advise parents against giving their kids ipads instead of allowing them to enjoy nature and use their imagination.

Read her post below:

Dear parents and fortune parents let your children play outside as much as possible. They are such curious, inquisitive and creative little beings. Nothing will provide them with better mental, physical and emotional development than nature! Children don’t need iPads and iPhones, give them more than electronics, teach them to use their imagination! It’s not the easy way out, but boy it’s worth it when you see your kids climb trees and drum on lamp posts because it’s fun! Stop and smell the flowers ✌🏼🌲🌳🌷🌸🌾🎋🌈
Who else agrees with her?

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