Biafra Is Long Dead, Remember Ojukwu Was Buried With Nigeria Flag - Yoruba Man Reminds Nnamdi Kanu

Col Ojukwu the founder of biafra died as a Nigerian. He died in the UK after a long illness, aged 78. The Nigerian Army accorded him the highest military accolade and conducted a funeral parade for him in Abuja, his coffin was draped in a Nigerian flag during his burial.

Before his death, Ojukwu ran for President of a united Nigeria.

His wife Bianca after his death was made the Nigerian Ambassador to Spain. His son, Mr Emeka Ojukwu, also contested in the 2015 Federal House of Representatives election in Nigeria.

The war had come and gone. The story of the war and what led to it has been told, is being told and will continue to be told.

What seems to me a human tragedy all through ages is the inability of man to learn a good lesson from the past so as to avoid the pitfall of those who had gone before.

There is also the innate and unconscious desire of man to remain oblivious of the lessons of the past. He hopes and believes that the past can be ignored, that the present is what matters, that no mistakes of the present can be as serious and grievous as the mistakes of the past. 

As a result history tends to repeat itself. However, there are exceptions of nations and men who had learnt from history to avoid collective and individual disasters or a repetition of such disasters. 

I feel confident that Nigeria must join the group of these happy exceptions if we are to have political stability, economic progress, integrated development, social justice, contentment and be the epicenter of African solidarity. Since the end of the civil war, Nigeria has made considerable progress in all these areas.

Written by: Olawale Ogunjobi a political analyst and public commentator.

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