Sunday, 8 January 2017

#JosRocks2017, the worst of it kind, See reasons

Give it to #JosRocks anyday, they can’t be found wanting when it comes to packing a roomful of stars; a glitterati of stars graced the event.

Micro-blogging site, Twitter and Facebook, was agog with criticism of the event  tagged #JosRocks, held on the 8th of January 2017 at Polo Field, Jos.

Many of Ice prince’s frustrated fans who took to twitter and facebook to vent their anger described the event as lacklustre and ill-managed. 

I was puzzled, there was something about this year’s #JosRocks which lacked the punch the last two editions had. I couldn’t place my finger on it and it kept nagging me all night as I played the event over and over in my mind. You see, I have attended lots of high-profile events and the #JosRocks is one I always look forward to attending, not just as a blogger but also as a reviewer and this year’s was no exception. Kudos to Ice Prince who initiated this idea of #JosRocks which we are made to believe it's a platform to promote entertainment in the city of Jos also to expose her upcoming stars to stardom. Quite unfortunate, the middle men appointed to see to the success of this events always have their way to paint it bad. An event like this is not a small one, there is every need to apply professionalism.

Theoretically, #JosRocks is one of the biggest shows in Jos. However, last night show couldn’t hold a candle to its prestigious counterpart. To start with, Like many events on the Jos social scene thread, the show which was billed to start by 3pm prompt was awfully late, not so fashionably. Not only were the audience who by the way kept to time treated to an unending series of sound-checks from the artistes (which i should add was quite distasteful for an event of such caliber), lo and behold a grating voice sauntered in assuring the already cranky audience that the #JosRocks would kick off at 4 sharp.

Imagine the surprise when 4 clocked and instead of getting the show on the road, we were dished another series of sounds, even the wheel spinning skills of the DJ was only able to keep the boredom at bay for a short time.

Alas,  after a painfully long wait, the pre-show kicked off some minutes past 6pm with an amateurish opening performances by some Jos Artistes, it seemed more like the kind of performance for a boring gala night for African Heads of states than for a top profile event like #JosRocks. They were unable to engage the audience with their songs, one couldn’t help but feel sorry for some Jos artistes stage performances and there was an audition before the event which was meant to prepared the selected artistes.

The performances which were a mixed bag of hits and misses, laced with hard to ignore technical glitches coupled with a very unimpressive/unprofessional MC.

After standing for 8 hours waiting for A-list artiste to climb on stage which wasn't cool, Ice Prince, Choc boiz, Grip Boiz, Reminisce, Yung6ix, Classic, Kuddy and others finally arrived at the venue but couldn't step out of their cars for like 15 minutes because of crowd, the love was much, fans were screaming and jumping, security had to squeeze the A-list artistes to the stage thinking the fans madness will reduce, it didn't; Fans craziness intensified. Some where even fainting seeing Ice Prince, the stage was crowded, speakers on the ground were trodden and disconnected, light went off. Fans were everywhere, fighting their way to the stage to touch the A-List celebrities. The love was abnormal.

Some of the event disappointments includes poor timing, poor event planning, no tight security, confusion among organizers, wrong choice of venue, poor crowd control and sadly, Jos artistes were being tasered and flogged.

And Just imagine an event like this in a state where well reckoned Media entrepreneurs are, some group of personals appointed to organize the event would leave them behind and choose to do things their way just to satisfy their selfish interests. Just imagine this same organizers planned to extort money (which they still did) from the so called upcoming stars who we are planning to make way for in the entertainment industry. I will keep saying this, until Jos event planners/artistes learn to recognize and work with the top notch media personlaities/bloggers here on the Plateau, then everything they do would always remain underground (One problem of Jos, poor knowledge of social media/online impact).  There is no way entertainment would succeed in Jos if things continue this way.

Perhaps the show had been overhyped and one expected more? Or what? Let me put it this way; the show scores full marks for glamour.  I am yet to see a more glamorous entertainment event like the #JosRocks in Jos. But the excitement for the show itself was damp.

The event was rather too long and lacked some vitals which make for a world class event, however it had its own moments which made it all worthy and reminded us why its regarded as one of the biggest nights in the city of Jos, we can only hope that next year sees them coming back stronger and better, that’s the least we can expect. And My thoughts? Next year, Perhaps something not expected could be added to the show? It’s #JosRocks, come on! Where did the Rocking go? In my honest opinion, I think the event lacked the full punch. I just didn’t see the glitter in the event.

Joe Heman and Chimezie Peters Ozofor Contributed to this article...


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